Backup and recovery solutions inside the Operational Management Suite are powered by Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup. Site Recovery’s replication capabilities help protect critical applications and extend datacenters to Azure, enabling disaster recovery and application migration to Azure. Azure Backup protects your application data and retains it for up to a theoretical 99 years.

Currently, the only visible object of the link between OMS and Azure Backup/Azure Site Recovery, aside from the licensing model, is the presence of the Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery “Solutions” in the solution gallery.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions in OMS


After enabling these solutions in OMS, you will be able to view the status of each of these services on a tile.



BCDR Solution Tiles

When clicking on a Solution Tile in the portal, you should be able to drill down into the service to view additional information. For Backup and Disaster Recovery this functionality is currently very limited. Essentially, it currently is a repetition of the data displayed on a tile.



Site Recovery Drilldown Backup Drilldown


Currently there are no dashboard items available in the OMS portal to use in your custom dashboards, but it seems this will only be a matter of time before they will be provided.



The current information displayed in the OMS portal for Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery is quite limited, but since this functionality hasn’t reached full maturity yet, it only is another chance to quickly develop this for the people at Microsoft, since the team recently started with a questionaire on how to improve the overall OMS experience. Did you miss out that opportunity? Here’s the link In the future more and more management information will be displayed in the OMS portal, so I expect the portal to take a more important role in every administrators professional life.

In the mean-time, use your user voice to propose ideas to the Product Teams via the User Voice community platform, or by responding to this blog…


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