Author: Tao Yang

New powershell module for azure automation hybrid workers: hybridworkertoolkit

I have just published a new PowerShell module for Azure Automation Hybrid Workers. It is called HybridWorkerToolkit. You can find it here: PowerShell Gallery: GitHub: To find out more about this module, please read my full blog post here: 0...

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Powershell script to migrate your scom perf collection rules to oms

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Operations Management blog. From now on, in addition to my own blog, I will cross blog any OMS related content to this blog. Today I have posted an article on my own blog: Automating OpsMgr Part 20: Migrating Your OpsMgr Performance Collection Rules to OMS (Using OpsLogix VMware MP as an Example). In this article, I have shared a PowerShell script based on my OpsMgrExtended PowerShell module to duplicate the traditional SCOM performance collection rules and create almost identical rules for sending exact same data to OMS. I used the OpsLogix VMware MP as an example and managed to duplicate over 60 perf collection rules from the OpsLogix MP to OMS. This script is a generic solution that should work on any management packs that contain performance collection rules. You can read the entire article from my blog post HERE. 0...

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