What I really love about the Azure platform is that it provides me the possibility to create my own solutions. It’s so easy to just spin up a Dev environment with almost no investments.

OMS is part of the Azure platform and you could be using it to extend your on-premise environment. In most cases in a hybrid scenario as an extension for your System Center environment. Big plus for OMS it’s quite easy to filter your machine on simple events with log analytics. It’s easy to create a simple dashboard or create alerting and one thing we Dutch people really love, it’s free! 😉

Because my main focus is on Automation and Azure Automation is part of the OMS, it started to get my interest. For today I just want to post a small tip, because when I was searching for this item I could not immediately find it.

Sometimes you need the job ID of the Azure Automation runbook to:

  • Restart failed runbooks with custom input;
  • Control execution concurrency;
  • Have more control over your runbooks.

To get the job ID from your current runbook you could just put the following variable in your Azure Automation runbook:





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